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Stripping a 2006 MacBook battery

September 15, 2022

I have a 2006 black MacBook in surprisingly good condition for it's age and I'm trying to keep it that way, but one of the things that has always concerned me is the battery going full spicy pillow mode and wrecking the plastic around it. I managed to find a super cheap official original battery online and my plan was to strip out the cells from inside and replace them with something of roughly the same weight.

The battery stripped of its...well...batteries:

MacBook battery without the battery cells

Some scrap metal stuck down with some double sided 3M tape inside (with electrical tape covering any leftover wires):

MacBook battery with scrap metal stock stuck in as weights

The battery pack all screwed back together:

Re-assembled battery pack/case

The battery pack back in the MacBook, good as new!