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On Repeat: Rebel Girl – Angels and Airwaves

Building a TD Fender Strat – Part 2: The body!

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We now have an almost complete body after a lot of template building and routing (including some close calls with fingers)! Next up is getting the holes drilled for the bridge and tidying up around the neck pocket. From there it’ll be onto sanding, sealing and priming ready for paint! Can’t say I’m too excited at the prospect of so much sanding…

I’ve put together a little album on SmugMug to show each stage so far. Once I’ve added some more photos to the album, I’ll try and go through them all adding captions explaining each stage.

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Happy 20th Birthday iMac!

Yesterday, the iMac turned 20 and we thought we’d dig out some of our collection and boot them up for the first time in a while.

From left to right: iMac G3 Ruby DV+, 2013 27″ iMac, iMac G4, 17″ iMac Intel Core 2 Duo.

The Two Techies 411: Information Required

A little late this week but a new episode of ‘The Two Techies’s is out! We talk about online tracking being brought into the real world, Dropbox and it’s IPO along with some more Snapchat talk!

Geo-privacy with your smartphone, Dropbox officially files for IPO and the iPhone SE 2 could create further fragmentation.

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