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New Ernie Ball “String Theory” video!

Could listen to these for hours…

Building a TD Fender Strat – Part 3: Final assembly

It’s been a little while since I last posted an update but here’s the final (kinda) post on the build. We’ve got it all painted and put together, I’m now in the process of slowly perfecting the setup.

The only long term changes will be correcting the pickup (currently a SD neck, ideally needs to be a SD bridge) and a few minor wiring tweaks. Eventually I may sand the finish down and redo it, we learn’t a lot painting this guitar and there a few areas where we could definitely improve.

Overall though, super psyched about how the guitar came out, it looks and sounds great! Onto the next build (watch this space…)

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Sunday Morning Cars

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday morning? I don’t think so.

Audiobook: Adam Savage’s “Every Tool’s a Hammer”

For any “maker” (I use quotes as Adam does a fantastic job of explaining the many, many kinds of people that can be described as makers) this book is a must read/listen. It covers everything from how Adam got started in “making” all the way to how Mythbusters began and much more.

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On Repeat: Rebel Girl – Angels and Airwaves

Building a TD Fender Strat – Part 2: The body!

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We now have an almost complete body after a lot of template building and routing (including some close calls with fingers)! Next up is getting the holes drilled for the bridge and tidying up around the neck pocket. From there it’ll be onto sanding, sealing and priming ready for paint! Can’t say I’m too excited at the prospect of so much sanding…

I’ve put together a little album on SmugMug to show each stage so far. Once I’ve added some more photos to the album, I’ll try and go through them all adding captions explaining each stage.