was one of the first real web projects I worked on all the way back in 2012. At the time, I wanted a nice and clean online RSS reader and the best around at that point was Google Reader (RIP!), so I did what all programmers do, I built a todo list app, wait no, an RSS app! It turned out that a good number of other people also wanted something similar and SyndiFeed became “popular” once Google announced the demise of Google Reader. Since then I’ve made multiple attempts to update and improve on a very simple product, yet none ended up seeing the light of day. Well, that changes today! Over the weekend I buttoned up the last of the code and shipped version 3, almost 8 years after shipping version 1.

It’s a big update, and by big, I mean literally everything has been rewritten and none of the original code was re-used in any way. I simplified a lot of it which on top of making maintaining it going forwards easy, it also has the added benefit of making it quick which is definitely not something that could be said for version 1. The new version will update your feeds in the background for you so there’s no more missing the latest post from that blog you love! I’ve removed a couple of the bulky, less used features and stripped it down to just what I wanted out of an RSS reader. There is a lot more to come (yes, dark mode is one) in the future and I’d like to open up integration into more RSS platforms as well. All featured suggestions are welcome!

If you were an existing user, there’s a small migration process that needs to happen when you first login. In theory, you shouldn’t notice a thing, but in the event that you do have any issues, please reach out to me or the @SyndiFeed account on Twitter and I’ll try to get everything sorted as quick as I can.

2020, the year of RSS?