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2006 Mac Pro

July 25, 2021

This weeks new (old) purchase was a 2006 Mac Pro (1,1) complete with a 20" Cinema Display, keyboard and mouse. Great price for a well looked after machine and the fact the Cinema Display comes with it's power supply is a big bonus, those things seem to be like gold dust on eBay!

I remember how unattainable these seemed when they came out, I used to go on the Apple Configurator and see just how expensive I could make these (actually, I still do that...). Always wanted one and finally found one that came up at a great price within a reasonable distance of me.

...actually "one" is a slight lie, I now have two of them

Forgive the missing drive bay from the right one, I do have it!

The one on the left is also a 1,1 and did work when I got it, but shortly after when plugging it back in some time later something went *pop*. I assume it's the power supply that's kicked the bucket so a new one is on the way and if not, time to take it apart!